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Our COVID-19


2020 was a pretty interesting year, to say the least. The Novel Coronavirus has left the world scarred, millions of lives lost. Sadly, this virus won't be ending anytime soon. Here are some ways we've changed to ensure your safety.

Following CDC Guidelines

Our Filter Technicians are required to wear masks anytime whilst in public. We've socially distanced our employees to decrease risk factors. And we're disinfecting our workspaces constantly, all to keep you safe.

Visit for tips to keep yourself and loved ones safe.

Giving you Peace of Mind.

We're doing everything in our power to make sure you have peace of mind. We can guarantee these changes won't affect our quality service in any way. To remind you, and others, of ways to stay safe, we've created a helpful little poster for you. Put it up on a wall, and remind others to put on their masks! Stay safe, Y'all.